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I purchased my first camera, a Minolta XG-A in college and have had an on again/ off again relation with my camera through the years. I reluctantly gave up film for a Nikon D70 soon after my children were born. I grew to love that camera, and still have it. Unfortunately, I broke my good lens and had to find a replacement. This year I upgraded to the Olympus E-10 Mark III, a mirrorless model.  I take photos of just about anything that catches my eye. Nature, travel, action, street art, people and animals are all good subjects for me. More photos can be viewed at the Photocrowd website.

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Hiking and camping while young brought Larry into the grandeur of nature and respect for the preservation of wilderness. His interpretations range from cloud capped canyons to close-up images of forest and flowers. His eyes see the image then the camera does it’s part.

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The Morristown and Morris Township library’s North Jersey History and Genealogy Center invites interested persons to enter their first photography contest. This is an exciting way to celebrate local history through the art of photography.

The photographs should be taken by amateur photographers of Morristown and Morris Township parks, streetscapes and structures (interiors are welcome) between April 1st and May 31st. Contestants may submit up to 5 photographs, at 300dpi, electronically to by June 2nd.

Model Release: Photographs that contain recognizable people must be accompanied by a model release form signed by each person photographed. If any photographed individuals are under the age of 18 years, the youth’s parent or legal guardian must also sign the photo release.

Please include the date the photograph was taken, your name, contact information and the location of the photograph.

Awards will be given to the photographers of the three best photographs at an awards program on Thursday, June 9th at 7 p.m. in the meeting room in the library’s lower level.

All submissions automatically agree to allow the library to use the images in library publications, social media or in future exhibits. Photographers will be cited whenever and wherever we post the photographs.  If you have any questions about the contest please contact us at 973-538-3473 or via e-mail at

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Yolanda Fundora was born in Havana, Cuba. She grew up in New York City, studied at the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University, spent 10 years making art in San Juan, Puerto Rico and returned in 1991 to New York City.

She has been making art in the digital realm since acquiring her first Mac 512K computer in 1985. She has participated in two major shows at the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The first in 1990, Art and Communication, explored the use of modern technologies as media for contemporary art. The second of these: Toward a Digital Aesthetic: The Art of Yolanda Fundora, emphasized the unique characteristics that digital production brings to the visual arts. Fundora’s work forms part of many private and corporate collections including the Museum of Contemporary Art’s permanent collection. Toward a Digital Aesthetic is also the name of her book on the subject and is available through Amazon.

Besides her fine art, Yolanda designs textiles illustrates children’s books and works with local businesses to create their own unique branding. Her current work, all digitally imagined, is exhibited on an ongoing basis at MONDO in Summit, NJ. Her hub website for all things visual:



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From an early age, Ann wanted to become a writer or an artist; however it was put on hold while  she pursued a healthcare career instead.

An RN with successful healthcare management background wrote and published multiple medical articles. During the same time, she became editor of The Alert, a healthcare quality newsmagazine that won national recognition. It was for The Alert, that she resumed her love affair with the lens resulting in photography that hangs in several NJ galleries and private collections.

Ann studied liberal arts at Columbia University, art at NYU and completed bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Fairleigh Dickinson University in NJ.

She is the co author of 3 books: Tailgunner, Tailgunner R3 and Tailgunner Pip, as well as author of a cookbook, Annie Cooks. Her photography is displayed throughout her cookbook.

Ms Frommer is a member of several NJ art associations as well as  a member of the Board of the Art League of Chathams.

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The camera lens captures our surroundings and permits me as an observer and photographer to provide an expressive perspective on the world.  I find myself focusing on nature’s beauty through my travels.  It gives me the opportunity to observe, to step back, reflect, linger and capture beauty in different spaces. The image I see through the lens leads me to explore a subject – its angles, space and light to reveal this complex relationship to others.  I strive to make these images visually moving, providing a sense of wonder and beauty for others, as they have for me.

Some of my work is minimalist, simple images.  My work attempts to capture as close to the original image, allowing natural lines and beauty to show itself.  Other works explore the boundaries between realism and abstraction.  My hope is that this complex relationship engages the viewer in an aesthetic experience to generate their own meanings from what they see and connects with the artist.  I believe this relationship heightens the viewer’s senses.  I hope to continue to explore new panoramas to see.

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