From an early age, Ann wanted to become a writer or an artist; however it was put on hold while  she pursued a healthcare career instead.

An RN with successful healthcare management background wrote and published multiple medical articles. During the same time, she became editor of The Alert, a healthcare quality newsmagazine that won national recognition. It was for The Alert, that she resumed her love affair with the lens resulting in photography that hangs in several NJ galleries and private collections.

Ann studied liberal arts at Columbia University, art at NYU and completed bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Fairleigh Dickinson University in NJ.

She is the co author of 3 books: Tailgunner, Tailgunner R3 and Tailgunner Pip, as well as author of a cookbook, Annie Cooks. Her photography is displayed throughout her cookbook.

Ms Frommer is a member of several NJ art associations as well as  a member of the Board of the Art League of Chathams.