The camera lens captures our surroundings and permits me as an observer and photographer to provide an expressive perspective on the world.  I find myself focusing on nature’s beauty through my travels.  It gives me the opportunity to observe, to step back, reflect, linger and capture beauty in different spaces. The image I see through the lens leads me to explore a subject – its angles, space and light to reveal this complex relationship to others.  I strive to make these images visually moving, providing a sense of wonder and beauty for others, as they have for me.

Some of my work is minimalist, simple images.  My work attempts to capture as close to the original image, allowing natural lines and beauty to show itself.  Other works explore the boundaries between realism and abstraction.  My hope is that this complex relationship engages the viewer in an aesthetic experience to generate their own meanings from what they see and connects with the artist.  I believe this relationship heightens the viewer’s senses.  I hope to continue to explore new panoramas to see.