ALC members are displaying their sunflower artwork on this page in solidarity with Ukraine.

There will also be a special area at the upcoming Spring Show displaying members’ sunflower art. 

The Opening Reception for the Spring Show is Sunday, March 20, from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Chatham Township Municipal Building, 58 Meyersville Road, Chatham Township.

The art will remain on display at the building until summer.


“Sunflowers” by Celeste Fondaco (oil)

“Sunflowers I” by Pam Gosner (acrylic)

“Sunflowers II” by Pam Gosner (acrylic)

“Ukraine” by Dennis McKee (acrylic, gouache}

“Sunflowers” by Dennis McKee (oil)

“Sunflowers,” by Kathy Havens (photograph)

“Sunflowers in Blue Pot” by Susan Adler (pastel)

“Sunflowers in Gold Cup” by Susan Adler (pastel)

“Sunflowers” by Susan Adler (oil)

“In Solidarity” by Nancy Kingman (oil)

“Field of Dreams for Ukraine” by Larry Kerner (Photograph)

“Sunflowers for Peace in Ukraine” by Larry Kerner (photograph)

“Sunflower no.1” by June Fisher-Markowitz (watercolor)

“Sunflower no.2” by June Fisher-Markowitz (watercolor)

“Farmhouse Sunflowers” by Susan Scarince Jones (oil)

“Sunflowers” by Emy Hyans (pastel)

“Sunflowers” by Nancy Kingman (oil)

“Sunflower,” by Linda Kimler (photograph)

“Sunflower” by Ken Spilker (watercolor)