Press Release: Will Farkas, 2024 Rosemary Howlett Art Scholarship Winner

Submitted by Khaya Peluso and Alison Hooper

Chatham, NJ – Will Farkas, a talented senior from Chatham High School, has been honored with the prestigious 2024 Rosemary Howlett Art Scholarship by the Art League of the Chathams. This accolade recognizes Will’s exceptional talent and dedication to the arts, marking a significant achievement in his artistic journey.

From an early age, Will has embraced creativity as a means of self-expression and exploration. Reflecting on his artistic process, Will describes it as intuitive and deeply personal. His pieces often explore themes rooted in personal experience, ranging from introspective self-portraits to abstract interpretations of emotion and identity.

Reflecting on his influences, Will credits his upbringing and the support of his family. His grandmother, a talented acrylic artist, and his father, also creatively inclined, have played pivotal roles in nurturing his passion for art since childhood. Will also acknowledges the guidance and inspiration from his art teachers at Chatham High School, particularly Mr. Eric Hreha, Mr. Kenji Hasegawa, and Ms. Janet Kraemer, who is retiring in 2024.

Will’s artistic achievements extend beyond the classroom. His work was recently selected for display at the prestigious Annual High School Student Show hosted by Morris Arts and Blackwell Street Center for the Arts. Among hundreds of submissions, Will’s piece earned a place at the renowned Atrium Gallery in Morristown’s Morris County Administration & Records Building.

Outside of art, Will is an accomplished drummer who performs regularly and played varsity Volleyball at Chatham High School. He enjoys camping and the outdoors, spending summers in Maine at a camp where he will now be a counselor.

Looking forward, Will plans to pursue a degree in Fine Arts at TCNJ, where he aims to further develop his artistic skills and explore art education. “In college, I’m majoring in fine arts, and I am considering concentrating into an art education program in the future” he shares. “Regardless of what direction I take, I will be in the studio and at home/in the dorm as often as I can, making stuff..”

For more information about Will Farkas and to view his artwork, please visit his Instagram account that showcases his portfolio at 

The Art League of the Chathams celebrates Will Farkas for his artistic accomplishments and for his dedication to creativity and innovation. Through initiatives like the Rosemary Howlett Art Scholarship, the Art League of the Chathams continues to support and inspire the next generation of artists in the Chatham community.

The Art League of the Chathams (ALC) has three shows a year at the Chatham Twp. Municipal Building, 58 Meyersville Road, Chatham Twp. and is open to new members. For more information, go to

Originality, original work by Will Farkas, recipient of the Rosemary Howlett Art Scholarship presented by the Art League of the Chathams

Image of Will Farkas, recipient of the Rosemary Howlett Scholarship for Art presented by the Art League of the Chathams.

Image of original artwork by Will Farkas titled “Originality” and photo of the artist.