I have been involved with art most of my life and one of my earliest
memories is getting a Jon Nagy drawing set as a gift. I have an art degree
and taught art in the public school system for seven years. Feeling
unsatisfied, I changed my interest and pursued art therapy education and
practice. While raising my children I had a home based business making and
selling hand thrown Folk Art pottery. This followed with a career in
Activity management in long term care facilities.

In 2008, I returned to art and began lessons using watercolor medium. I
fell in love with the color, the loose intermingling on paper creating
exciting accidents and textures, layers and fusions of color. I prefer
working on hot press paper and recently, yupo-which is not a paper at all,
but a surface of excitement.

I have studied with local and national instructors and continue that
process. I also teach a process oriented  watercolor class in Northern NJ.
I continue to learn and practice and experiment in pursuit of the excitement
the media offers. My subjects are very personal  stories of importance on my
journey to greater self  awareness and skill development.

3 Responses to “June Fisher-Markowitz”

  1. Faye DeRosa

    I love June’s work! She has evolved in the years I have known her and is finding her place. Her colors get more beautiful with each piece.

    The yupo pieces are extraordinary!!

  2. Lorelei Pepe

    My girlfriend and I just saw your work at the Art Center – John Rhea house and we loved the amazing colors and figures.
    It made me smile and seemed fun. Thank you . Hope to see more of your work in the future

    • June Fisher-Markowitz

      Thank you for seeing my show and letting me know ! I am so happy that you enjoyed it !
      Did you just stop in by chance ?
      I live in Wayne and was thrilled to get a show at the gallery!
      I show my work in a variety of venues through my art associations. I also post on FB.
      If you wish to see other work, You can contact me –jfish4601@gmail. come.


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