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Beyond The Photo
Sunday, January 22nd  10:00-3:00
Instructor:  Julie Friedman PSA $80.00
Many painters, from time to time, rely on the use of photographs to build their paintings.  They use them for inspiration, composition ideas, and for accurate information regarding light and shadow.  They are a wonderful resource and a back up support when you cannot get outside to paint.  However, the camera has its limitations and what it shows you is an oversimplification of color and nuance.  This workshop will help to identify all the lies that the photo are telling you, as well as help explore how you can build on what you see in the photo to create  paintings that are above and beyond the reference.  We will explore how to effectively lie a lot and tell the truth a little:)  You will never look at your photo the same way again! This workshop is for all mediums.
Creating Strong Compositions
Monday, January 30th  10:00-3:00
Instructor:  Julie Friedman PSA  $80.00
Strong composition is the foundation for exciting paintings.  This workshop will focus on how to take all the favorite places and subjects that we love to paint and build strong compositions around them to create exciting and dynamic paintings.  We will explore how the use of balance, line, negative and positive shapes, and dissection of space help to move the eye through the painting.  The use of editing and simplifying what you see, to direct the viewer to the essence of the painting, will be discussed.  We will also focus on how to identify the focal point and make decisions for the painting that help support it.  This is a workshop that never gets old… and is always worth revisiting. This workshop is for all mediums.
Painting Values
Monday, February 6th 10:00-3:00
Instructor:  Julie Friedman PSA $80.00
Values do the work and color gets the glory”  This workshop will take a good, hard look at the value scale and the importance it plays in building paintings that push and pull space, that convey form and dimension, and feel solid and balanced.  We will learn how to dismantle color to assess the value ranges underneath it and how to use this information to better our paintings. The concept of how mid-value paintings vs wide value range paintings influence mood, will be addressed. This workshop is for all mediums.
Adding The Wow Factor To Your Work
Sunday, February 12th  10:00-3:00
Instructor:  Julie Friedman PSA  $80.00
We have all had the experience of listening to someone tell a story in which the facts are exaggerated and the details are embellished…. yet, we still pay attention.  No matter how incredulous what is being relayed to us is, it holds our interest and sparks our curiosity.  This workshop is about just that!  We will explore how to take the subject we are focused on painting and add information to it that stretches what we see and feel to create that wow factor.  Nothing is too outrageous here… we will take it to the extremes  and then dial it back slowly to relatable levels.  If you are looking for fun exploration in your painting, this workshop is for you! This workshop is for all mediums.
Rebuilding a Disappointing Painting
Monday, February 27th  10:00-3:00
Instructor:  Julie Friedman PSA  $80.00
How many times have you started an exciting painting only to have it disappoint you at the end?  This workshop will look at the different ways you can transform those paintings into new work that either recaptures what was lost, or helps you to discover new directions in which to take it.  There isn’t a better feeling than revitalizing a painting that you thought was overworked and/or building something new based on an accidental mark that occurred in the process of salvaging it.  By doing so, it helps you to see your own failsafes, formulas and crutches that you use, and shows you different ways around them.  This workshop is one of my personal favorites 🙂 and is for all mediums.
Color Matters
Sunday, March 5th  10:00-3:00
Instructor:  Julie Friedman PSA  $80.00
Color is perceived and felt differently by everyone.  For some, it is intuitive and spontaneous… for others, it is carefully considered and thought out.  Regardless of which category you fall into, this workshop will help push you further in your color decisions than you have previously gone.  We will run through a quick lesson on color theory and then use that knowledge to create more interesting and complicated color decisions for our paintings.  Knowledge is power and having the understanding of how color reacts and behaves is key to building vibrant, rich paintings.  This workshop is for all mediums.
Painting The Ordinary
Monday, March 13th  10:00-3:00
Instructor:  Julie Friedman PSA  $80.00
As painters, we are all looking to explore something that has not been explored before- a composition or subject matter that is new and refreshing.  This workshop will address this concept and take it one step further… we will focus on painting something ordinary, making it fresh and interesting, using everything we know about building strong paintings.  We will address cropping, editing tools and ideas, as well as placement and detail information that will transform something ordinary into something unexpected! This workshop is for all mediums
Finding Your Artistic Voice
Sunday, March 26th  10:00-3:00
Instructor:  Julie Friedman PSA  $80.00 
As artists, we all have certain marks, color combinations, and compositional choices that are uniquely ours.  This workshop will help you to identify yours… to evaluate which ones are authentic and genuine to your own expression, and which ones are not.  This will force you to look at what tendencies you have towards relying on certain formulas and ideas to resolve elements of your painting.  This workshop is an eye opener!
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