Some of our members are planning to take part in the Ground for Sculpture Art Salon with Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas. Are you interested? Read more about it here:

A relaxed and stimulating opportunity to share ideas and fine food at Rat’s Restaurant with Grounds For Sculpture artists. Born in France, Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas began at the Art Students’ League in 1963 working in sculpture with renowned teacher John Hovannes. As her themes took shape, she modeled in wax and in plaster for large pieces, which allowed for greater freedom of form. She grew up knowing Salvador Dali, a friend of her parents. In New York, she rubbed elbows with luminaries like Andy Warhol. She has exhibited in numerous solo shows across New York and Connecticut. Says Strong-Cuevas, “Communication through space and time, the exploration of outer space and inner consciousness are my themes. I like to experiment, considering myself an innovator within a classical tradition.”

Located at Rat’s Restaurant within the Grounds For Sculpture park.
Fee: $60/GFS members $75/non-members
All Art Salon prices include lunch and one glass of wine.

To register, please visit:

Please RSVP at out Meetup page to coordinate with other interested members.