The ALC sponsors a scholarship each year for a graduating CHS senior pursuing further education in art. Funds for the scholarship come directly from the proceeds of ALC gala events, most recently the celebration of the league’s 25th anniversary in 2013.

The “Meat and Potatoes” of Relief Printmaking (Spring 2014)

In this series, Chatham High School students were familiarized with the “meat and potatoes” of relief printmaking, i.e. history, process and key concepts. Focusing on a theme of idioms, students were asked to be free-thinking in their approach to the concept, as they were challenged to incorporate themes of humor and current events, when possible.  After 6 weeks in the studio, students gained a firm grasp of the process of relief printing; they began understanding the importance of planning, carving, mark making, printing, and editioning, and the juxtaposition of boldness and flatness of relief prints. Additionally, they learned about reduction/multiple block printing, and possibilities for taking printmaking beyond paper. In the spirit of printmaking’s connectivity to distribution and sense of community, we concluded the print workshop with a print exchange, in which each student received a portfolio of their work alongside that of their peers’.

Number of Students: 14 Juniors/Seniors

Size of Exchange: 15 prints (14 students + teacher)

ALC Contribution: $500

Length of Workshop: 6 weeks

Teacher: Susan Dreifuss Artist, Designer, Educator, & Entrepenuer.

Susan graduated from Pratt Institute in 2010 with a Master of Fine Arts in printmaking and an advanced certificate in art education. Her print work has been sold in stores along the East Coast and featured on Fox News, Apartment Therapy and in Philadelphia Magazine.  Her passion for art is evident in her strong desire to share her knowledge with others.  She has taught all ages from 1-90 and continues to share the joyous experience of art making with others.


Ivan Bratko’s Sculpture Workshop (Fall 2014):

The ALC is cosponsoring a new after-school workshop at Chatham High School aimed at teaching art students about human anatomy. The 6-week course, part of the AP Art Portfolio Development series, is being taught this fall by Ukrainian artist Ivan Bratko. Students are constructing model skeletons by molding Sculpey clay over a wire armature. The goal is to give the students a foundation for depicting the human form in their artwork.

The workshop, which is free to the students, is funded in equal parts by ALC and the CHS National Art Honor Society. The program was initiated by Philla Barkhorn, CHS liaison for the ALC, and is overseen by art teacher Eric Hreha.

Past recipients: