P.J. Aduskevicz is a landscape painter. What excites her most about landscapes is the versatility of the subject matter, which allows her to paint a range of images, from realistic to abstract. “I am intrigued by taking a landscape scene and simplifying it to the point that it is abstract but, at the same time, still reads as realism because of its basic shapes,” she said.

Playing with color is her favorite part of the painting process. She experiments with hue, value, and saturation to make colors harmonize. The results can be colors that sing next to each other, support the tone, and even sparkle. P.J. also loves to create moods and mystery through the use of color, line work, and bold marks. Perhaps most satisfying, she said, is a finished artwork that makes the viewer linger and go hmm.

P.J. works in pastel and oil. She is a member of the New Jersey Pastel Society, as well as the NJPAP and the ALC. She takes classes with Julie Friedman at ArtSpace Studio in Morristown and has studied with John Traynor, Barbara Jaenicke, and Jacob Aguiar.